Fundraising Toolkit

Check out our guide to fundraising for the Walk & Run!

Download the PDF in full, or choose from a range of topics by clicking the links below. This toolkit combines many years of fundraising know-how, but there's always room for growth. If you have a great fundraising idea or feedback on this toolkit, send us an email: for Columbus, for Dayton, and for Toledo.


Are you a potter? Photographer? Can you cook up a storm? Bartering and selling goodsand services is a tried and true method of grassroots fundraising. We each have somethingto offer. Turn your talent into a fundraiser.

Pick, Promote, and Raise!

      Pick something to barter or sell. Advertise on Facebook, Twitter, and via email to let people know what you’re offering in exchange for Walk donations.

      Include the details on your Personal Fundraising Page: what you’re offering, how muchpeople have to donate, and how to contact you to take advantage of the offer.

      Follow through in a timely fashion; don’t make them wait! When someone donates,confirm their gift and how they’ll receive the goods/services offered.

      Share the experience with friends, family, and coworkers. Selling art? Take photos and post them online. People will get excited and want to get on board.

      Reach beyond your personal network. Post your offer to websites where people look forthe kinds of goods/services you’re offering.

tips and tricks

  • Recently upgraded your electronics? Got a neat antique just lying around?
  • Consider selling items on Craigslist and other sites, or set up shop at a local fleamarket.
  • You don’t have to be an expert to sell a service. You could clean the apartment for amonth in exchange for your roommates’ donations.