Fundraising Toolkit

Check out our guide to fundraising for the Walk & Run!

Download the PDF in full, or choose from a range of topics by clicking the links below. This toolkit combines many years of fundraising know-how, but there's always room for growth. If you have a great fundraising idea or feedback on this toolkit, send us an email: for Columbus, for Dayton, and for Toledo.


Events can be big or small, and they happen all the time. You can choose to create yourown Walk event, or incorporate your fundraising efforts into other happenings. Events giveyou a unique chance to address a group of people, energizing them around the for a cause

      Host an event where attendees pay a small donation in order to attend. Let them knowhow much they’ve helped raise by attending!
      Try one of these event ideas: House Party, Potluck, Cook- Off, Benefit Concert, Yard Sale, Dinner Party, Barbecue, etc. Get creative! Ask a local gym to host a fundraising class, like spinning or zumba.
      Ask local businesses for donations of gift certificates or products that you can raffle off or auction at your event.
      Want more event ideas or advice? Contact our friendly staff ( for more help!

tips and tricks

  • Give attendees options. Even if they don’t want to donate in the moment, ask them tojoin your team or volunteer.
  • Make sure there’s an easy way to collect donations, like a hat or bucket.