Fundraising Toolkit

Check out our guide to fundraising for the Walk & Run!

Download the PDF in full, or choose from a range of topics by clicking the links below. This toolkit combines many years of fundraising know-how, but there's always room for growth. If you have a great fundraising idea or feedback on this toolkit, send us an email: for Columbus, for Dayton, and for Toledo.


It should come as no surprise that more and more fundraising happens online these days, but you can’t forget the folks who might prefer receiving a letter. Cards and letters are great ways to reach people who want to give, but aren’t getting email, tweets, and Facebook notifications.

anatomy of a letter

      Draft the card or letter you’d like to send. Visit for sample language to use.
    Include the reason you’re participating. Whether you’ve been affected by HIV/AIDS personally or you’re passionate about social justice, the reason will compel donors to give. Include the official Check Processing Form for donors who want to donate via check. The check and form can be mailed to us at the address below. Follow up! Call or email whoever you sent the letter to about a week after you sent it, saying “I sent you a letter in the mail. Did you get it?”
      Thank your donors who give via mail with a personal, handwritten note.

tips and tricks

  • Many people are bombarded with email. Sending a letter is a great way to ensurethey see your request for support, while also adding a personal touch!
  • You might not see returns on snail mail for 2-4 weeks, so make sure you time it right tohit your goal before the Walk.