Fundraising Toolkit

Check out our guide to fundraising for the Walk & Run!

Download the PDF in full, or choose from a range of topics by clicking the links below. This toolkit combines many years of fundraising know-how, but there's always room for growth. If you have a great fundraising idea or feedback on this toolkit, send us an email: for Columbus, for Dayton, and for Toledo.


The number one barrier for people in fundraising is the fear of asking. Fear not! All it takes is the right mindset. By asking people to donate, you’re giving them an opportunity to support an important cause. If they decline, that’s okay, but isn’t it better to start by giving them a chance to make a difference? Think about the times you’ve donated to a cause because someone asked. Didn’t you feel good?


      First, ask those you believe are most likely to give. That first bit of fundraising will build up your “asking confidence”!
      Ask for a specific dollar amount; aim high! Even if someone is not ready to give the amount you ask for, they will let you know what works for them.
      Frame it to potential donors as an opportunity to support you while also making a direct impact on the crucial fight against HIV/AIDS.
      Keep this in mind: The number one reason people say they haven’t donated to a cause isbecause no one ever asked.

tips and tricks

  • Make it personal. Why do you care about HIV and AIDS? Why are you going the extramile by participating in the Walk?
  • Consider what someone is passionate about. Is it poverty? Is it youth? Connect whatthey care about to the fight against AIDS.