Fundraising Toolkit

Check out our guide to fundraising for the Walk & Run!

Download the PDF in full, or choose from a range of topics by clicking the links below. This toolkit combines many years of fundraising know-how, but there's always room for growth. If you have a great fundraising idea or feedback on this toolkit, send us an email: for Columbus, for Dayton, and for Toledo.


Based on our experience, if you complete each of the following steps, you should reach your personal fundraising goal for AIDS Walk Ohio. Need help completing this list? Check out detailed topic guides in the Fundraising Toolkit, or contact us. We’re here to help!

[__] Donate to yourself
it shows your donors you’re right there with them.

[__] Add a personal note to your fundraising page.
Send a link to your family and friends.

[__] Email your family and friends at least three times.
It can take a few reminders to get donations.

[__] Reach new people on Twitter!
It’s a great way to spread the word.

[__] Get matching gifts! Many companies match gifts made by employees.
See the list on our website and tell your donors.

[__] Host an event!
Big or small, events raise money. Consider holidays as a time to get people together.

[__] Ask a local business you frequent for a donation.
Offer them a community business supporter sign.

[__] Barter!
If you have a desirable skill like cooking, offer your time in exchange for donations.

[__] Don’t discount the small stuff. Collect change around the house.

Got questions? We’re happy to help!